Thursday, January 30, 2020

Why date a fellow introvert?

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Some would consider a relationship between two introverts a recipe for disaster but there are many advantages to an introvert-introvert relationship that become clear when you are in one. Two people on the same wavelength when it comes to social interaction, have the potential to become a great pair. There's a perception that introverts need an extroverted partner in their lives. They need a sociable partner who will gently push them to become more sociable themselves. In reality, this push isn't always that gentle. In fact, for some, it can feel forceful. Forcing introverts into social situations they don't want to be in only increases the potential for anxiety and even resentment. With this in mind, more and more introvert singles are looking to fellow introverts to find love. Here are a seven reasons that you, as an introvert, might be interested in dating another introvert:

1. The More Relaxed Mood of the Relationship

When you’re dating another introvert, you don’t have to feel like you're being forced to be sociable against your will, because another introvert is more likely to understand and respect your boundaries. You aren’t pressured into painful social situations with long awkward silences or nervous laughs. You’re free to be as introverted as you please. You’re allowed to be yourself for once. They don’t mold you into something you’re not. They make you feel comfortable in your own skin. For once when someone doesn’t force you into uncomfortable social situations, you realize that how repressed you’ve been. You can finally relax. You can finally find love in someone who’s faced these same struggles as you have. The mood of the relationship is quite relaxed and mutually acceptable from the get go. This is one of the things that makes introvert singles more interested in finding each other, over seeking an extroverted partner.

2. Respecting Each Other’s Personal Space

In extrovert-introvert relationships, certain boundaries are often overstepped. The introvert in the relationship sometimes gets the impression that their personal space hasn’t been respected. You can’t blame this on the extrovert, however. That is just how they are. They are just trying to get close. They don’t really understand that introverts ‘alone’ time is just a way for us to recharge and unwind from the exhausting social interactions throughout the day. You’d have to do no explaining to an introverted partner. They’d know exactly what you need. Space. And guess what? That’s what they want. Two introverts know how to respect each other’s need for solitude from time to time. This makes dating a fellow introvert much more attractive for introvert singles.

3. Dates Aren’t a Hassle

Is there anything better than a comfy date from the comfort of your own couch where you're both comfortable and completely content? You can just binge watch television and cook yourselves a tasty meal while being your authentic selves. A proper romantic ‘stay-in’ is a dream date for some introverts. This can be achieved easily and often in an introvert-introvert relationship. This type of date my be a rarity with an extroverted partner, and even when it does happen, there may be a feeling of discontentment or boredom on the extrovert's side. Extroverts sometimes feel worn down or unimpressed by the lack of social interaction. That’s a point for the introvert-introvert relationship once again.

4. There’s Always an Ear to Listen

If there’s one thing people like about introverts, it’s that they’re great listeners. They, above all types of personalities, understand the need to get something off your chest, but not with just anyone. If they have a close connection with you, they will sit and listen to you, for as long as you need to pour your heart out. They listen without interruption or judgement. Extroverts are sometimes known to abuse this and reduce the introvert down to nothing but a person to vent to. Meaningless, continuous venting is typically  exhausting for introverts. But an introvert won’t abuse this. They will allow their partner to share their troubles with them. As much as they share it with their partner. Seeing how important communication is in today’s world, this makes introverts more attractive to their fellow introverts.

5. A Voice of Reason

In a dialogue between an introvert and an extrovert, it seems that the introvert is often the voice of reason, perhaps because they tend to be less impulsive. Conversations between two introverts are concise, to the point, logical and nicely structured. This makes these conversations very enjoyable, comfortable, and fulfilling. Making one go back for more and more. These form the back bone of any successful and meaningful relationship. Builds chemistry and fuels discussions about one's passions and dreams. A unique experience often found between introverts.

6. Meaningful Silence

When interacting with an extrovert… well they expect someone to be speaking. ‘Talking’ with an introvert however can be more pleasant and it's just easier. Silence says a thousand words. Many thoughts can be exchanged through comfortable silences. It shows sophistication and mystery. Traits considered traditionally attractive. This is considered as another victory for introvert-introvert relationship.

7. Positive influence on each other

Since no one in particular in an introvert-introvert relationship is expected to take charge, it forces both of them to. It makes them push each other to achieve new milestones in terms of social interactions. It makes them do things they didn’t think they could because they inspire each other. This differs from when an extrovert tries to coerce an introvert into being more social. There is no coercion here. Just healthy competition and playfulness. Introverts find this aspect about other introverts especially attractive.


While society may condition an introvert into thinking the only option for having a healthy dating life is to date an extrovert, this couldn’t be further from the truth. There are many advantages to a relationship between two introverts. The ones listed above barely scrape the surface of why it’s a good idea, as an introvert, to date someone of the same social preferences as yourself. Not only are you breaking barriers, you’re also demolishing stereotypes. In conclusion, there are many reasons that introvert singles should look to other introverts to find love.

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